Troubleshooting Firebase Integration with FlutterFlow for Optimal Data Output

In this State Changers meeting, the participants discussed an issue they were having with custom actions in Firebase and FlutterFlow related to a specific calculation function they'd created. The issue was that they were experiencing inconsistencies in the system when there were ties in their data set. When the values tied, the system didn’t return the expected tied values, but in cases where there were no ties, it was providing multiples as anticipated.

To troubleshoot the problem, they explored the possibility of breaking the calculations into two custom actions, but also considered investigating how the problem is used in the system. There was a test done that observed the return of the top three highest labels, which turned out to be more than expected, indicating that the problem might reside in how these labels are used within the system. The team also attempted to see how the high labels function within the Firebase database, testing whether deleting and recreating a record would solve the issue. In order to monitor more closely, they introduced an alert dialogue in FlutterFlow, essentially a console.log function to print out the variable 'top three needs' for immediate observation. The outcome was that the number of items returned in the alert was correct, suggesting that the problem might lie on the Firestore side or possibly that they were examining the wrong session in the past. The team decided they would carry out further tests to pinpoint the issue, planning to regroup and discuss their findings in subsequent office hours. They also agreed to communicate the progression of the problem-solving process by updating a shared post with a 'thumbs up' symbol. And finally, there was acknowledgment of the need to continue assisting other team members with their questions and issues. The meeting revolved around debugging techniques, problem-solving strategies, and collaborative efforts to ensure all team members' issues were addressed. Of the many keywords mentioned, only Firebase and FlutterFlow were used. The meeting touched upon important topics on FlutterFlow and Firebase platform usage that could be particularly useful to other teams using these platforms to troubleshoot similar issues.

(Source: Office hours 2/21 )

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