Troubleshooting FlutterFlow and Firebase Push Notification Issues

Meeting Summary:

This was a troubleshooting meeting among the State Changers concerning the issues faced by a member with push notifications on the platform Flutterflow. The member was having trouble sending a test notification which led to an error. They were using phone sign-in authentication, and had set up a dummy user for the purposes of this test. The issue was reported both in Firebase and Flutterflow. Various scenarios were discussed and experimented in real-time to try to understand and resolve the issue. Key Points Discussed: 1. Observations: Upon enabling email/password feature in Firebase, it was observed that while notifications were being sent out, they were not reaching any users. The member also noticed that a Firebase Flutterflow account was simultaneously added to the users during this process. 2. User-related issues: Discrepancies were pointed out in the UIDs of the users listed in Firebase and those where the notifications were being sent. 3. Proposed Solutions: The group suggested copying and using the UID of a live user in the tester and seeing if the notifications reached them. Also, to spin up more users and push notifications to see if it goes through. 4. Next Steps: Given the complexity of the issue, one of the members, Inchal, who had successfully navigated this process in the past was recommended to provide assistance. The idea was to enable a direct exchange of information and also to document this conversation to help others facing similar issues. An office hour-style meeting was suggested to make it more interactive. 5. Tools Used/Mentioned: Flutterflow, Firebase, Google, Zoom and Direct Messaging.

(Source: Office Hours 12/16 )

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