Troubleshooting FlutterFlow and Xano Integration for Sporting Events App Development

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss several challenges they're facing with various apps.

Firstly, a State Changer is working with FlutterFlow and is attempting to generate 'children' from an API response for sporting events. He's unsure if the problem lies in his query or FlutterFlow's formatting. Next, David speaks about his issue with Webflow's form submission process. He found a video by Chris Coleman at Xano that detailed a workaround which he found helpful. However, his registration page ended up crashing. He believes the problem is relatively simple, but assistance is needed. Following that, another State Changer wants help with a Zano function. He is trying to pass one function through an API call but needs help with the preconditioning in the if statement. Lastly, Amir discusses a geolocation issue. He wants to integrate JavaScript code built by his former CTO for an API call into his Webflow. He is unsure whether this can be accomplished using no-code methods. They also discuss issues with JSON parsing. In conclusion, the group faces several challenges, from understanding how to use APIs to pulling in the correct data from large datasets, manipulating JSON data, and integrating JavaScript code. The meeting provided a collaborative environment for them to approach their individual issues, with a focus on optimizing the back end in order to ease workload on the front end.

(Source: Office Hours 2/13 )

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