Troubleshooting FlutterFlow CLI and Flutter Version Issues for App Deployment

In the State Changers meeting, the participants discussed issues regarding their journey with command-line work, primarily focusing on FlutterFlow and dependencies of different software tools such as Dart and Flutter. The problem they encountered was an infinite loop when trying to update the YAML file after a failed attempt to reinstall a MyFantasy app from FlutterFlow CLI.

The conversation then shifted to solving the versioning issues of FlutterFlow. They discussed how FlutterFlow is designed to work on a particular version of Flutter which further depends on certain versions of Dart. They opened up a couple of files from FlutterFlow to deduce the desired Flutter version, ending up with version 2.12 and less than 3.0. Since these versions of Flutter were not available in stable releases, the State Changers considered installing the beta versions to rectify the issue. They learned that all the required Flutter versions were available only in the Beta channel satisfying the version criteria. A plan was made to reinstall Flutter from the beta channel to resolve the dependencies issues and potentially stop the infinite loop issue with the YAML file update. They also advised revisiting the Flutter SDK archive page over time as the software updates might affect the versions, thus encountering similar issues. The meeting concluded with offering the troubleshooting advice of checking the SDK numbers in the case of future issues. No other software tools were mentioned in the discussion.

(Source: Office Hours 6/1 )

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