Troubleshooting Flutterflow Exported Code and Path Setting Issues

The State Changers held a meeting focused on FlutterFlow and its integration. The main issue discussed was a problem with getting the exported code from FlutterFlow to work with the data development. The participants were having trouble running Flutter due to potential path identification issues, reflecting possible challenges with terminal commands and file paths.

The discussion included numerous technical concepts related to terminal command lines, including the use of 'set', 'pipe', 'grep', and 'path' commands to help troubleshoot the Flutter issue. The team also discussed the possibility of problems arising from the import/export system or version conflicts related to FlutterFlow and DraftBit. It was suggested that there may be disparities with certain software packages distributed on package managers like Xcode and the way they were packaged in the FlutterFlow export system. The meeting concluded with the team agreeing to continue their search for solutions online, explore the FlutterFlow community for advice, and create a forum post outlining the problem. There was an agreement to further discuss this issue in future meetings, allowing for more interactive problem-solving collaboration.

(Source: Office Hours 3/6 )

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