Troubleshooting Flutterflow Login and Integration with Xano and Firebase

In this meeting, the State Changers had a deep discussion about Flutterflow, Xano, Firebase and several related systems. The main focus was on solving the issue related to logging into Flutterflow and implementing push notifications. The participant faced difficulty in identifying where to begin with this. He reached the point of adding an "auth login" action, using an email address and password. He wanted to create another action with an API call to find the response to this login, to obtain a token.

Another challenge was trying to understand how to direct the workflow if elements failed. A backend call was discussed with some confusion over what should be input. Adjustments were made, with considerations of what certain error responses would lead to in terms of application navigation. Firebase errors were discussed along with how any potential issues could be handled in code. Another crucial point was when the conversation revolved around the integration of Firebase ID and how it could be retrieved from the response. They practiced with this to better understand. The key goal was to understand the login process with the use of Xano, manage error handling, extract Firebase ID from the response, and subsequently manipulate the data. Towards the end, the idea of releasing the 'state change' chrome extension was discussed, as it could be seen as potentially beneficial for many users. Finally, they concluded the meeting looking forward to solving more problems and discussing the challenges encountered.

(Source: Office Hour 8/24/2023 )

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