Troubleshooting Function Stacks in Xano and Integrating with Stripe

In this meeting, there were discussions about two different topics.

The first topic was about building a function stack. The main question was whether to use a for-each loop or a while loop to achieve a specific task. The team discussed the best approach and determined that using a series of if statements within an if loop would be the most appropriate solution. They also talked about the importance of naming variables and functions clearly to improve readability and understanding. The second topic was about integrating JSON data from a mobile app into a database. The team discussed how to extract and manipulate the data from the JSON file and add it to the database using the Xano platform. They discussed using loops and data manipulation functions to iterate through the JSON data and create records in the database based on the information. Overall, the meeting covered topics related to function stacking, looping, JSON integration, and database record creation.

(Source: Office Hours 5/19 )

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