Troubleshooting Google API Requests and Parameter Issues

During this meeting, the State Changers worked through a debugging problem involving Google API and Xano. The specific issue was fetching a photo from Google Maps/Places using a photo reference, but receiving status zero. After going through the code and modifying the URL, it was discovered that there was a hidden character that was causing the problem. After removing this extra character, they identified that the URL was now working, resulting in a 400 error instead of zero status, which indicates progress. However, when they tried to fetch an image with the modified URL, they received a "rough text approximation" of the image, suggesting the need for further steps to correctly display the image. Towards the end of the meeting, they considered trying to pass the URL into the browser to check if it works. Due to time constraint, they ended the call leaving this issue as the next step to be explored.

Keywords that surfaced in the discussions were: "Xano", "Google", and "API".

(Source: Office Hours 5/2 )

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