Troubleshooting Google Authentication Integration for Xano and WeWeb Platforms

This meeting primarily focused on troubleshooting and finding ways to improve the authorization flow in an application using Auth0, Xano, and Google. The main issues discussed were how to have a smooth Google sign in interface and how to fetch the contacts of a user when they sign into the application using Google. Additionally, they discussed the possibility of adjusting the sign-in options to discard email sign-in and prefer alternate sign-in methods, like Google or Microsoft.

The State Changers tested several methods and faced errors such as callback URL mismatch. While trying to troubleshoot these issues, they explored multiple concepts like OAuth, redirection, and how to handle the authorization code. There was also some discussion about potential changes in the workflow and the idea of hiring a freelancer to handle the complex authorization flow. Towards the end of the meeting, the participants agreed that there might be a need for further work in the following days to make the authorization smoother and more user friendly, weighing the options between using Google directly or continuing with Auth0. They considered posting the issue in the forum to seek assistance from other freelancers who have experience dealing with Xano and authorization flows.

(Source: Office Hours 9/1/2023 )

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