Troubleshooting Google Calendar Event Notification Issues

This meeting among the State Changers was focused on resolving an issue where Google event notifications were not being sent out despite the events being successfully created on both the organizer and attendee calendars. Participant Pavel initially stated the problem could center on a deprecated parameter in the Google Workspace documentation, known as 'send notifications'.

Another suggestion thrown around during the discussion was a potential block from Google Workspace admin settings. Tests were conducted by sending invitations to different email addresses, and it was discovered that notifications were received by some attendees, but not by Pavel. The group speculated this discrepancy might be due to permission settings within individual accounts if the sender is recognized and trusted. Additionally, it was pointed out that sometimes Google event notifications might bypass email inboxes and directly show up in the users' calendars if the senders are recognized and trusted. It was surmised that the Google Workspace environment could be prioritizing appointments without necessarily providing email notifications for familiar senders. As a result, it was not definitively concluded whether the earlier 'send notifications' parameter or Google's inherent functionality was causing the inconsistent event notifications. The discussion ended with an offer to further test in the future.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 9/28/2023 AM )

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