Troubleshooting Google OAuth and Xano Integration Issues

The State Changers in this meeting had a detailed technical discussion about resolving an issue associated with Google OAuth and Xano. A misconception regarding the setup on the Google console was addressed and it was found to be operating normally. The problem arose while sending the auth token to Xano. The State Changers performed various debugging procedures and discovered that the auth token was URL encoded when received, which was causing the complications encountered. Later on, it was revealed that a user already existed, leading to a "duplicate record detected" problem. Solving this issue, two approaches were suggested - to create a new variable using a data manipulator to handle the encoded input or to add a filter "URL_decode" in the function API call, for the value input code. The latter was decided to be a simpler resolution. The meeting concluded with the intention of attempting the suggested solution.

(Source: Office Hours 2/2 )

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