Troubleshooting Hidden Variable Issue in Frontend Web Form Submission

The meeting revolved around the troubleshoot of a front-end issue involving a hidden form element. A participant, Scott, was experiencing an inconsistency with a form submission button which wasn’t functioning as expected due to a possible hidden form element. The problem seemed to be with a model that was meant to appear on button click; while a revision model appeared consistently, a non-revision one didn't.

The problem-solving techniques included reviewing workflows, conducting a careful inspection of the form, and using dev tools to investigate the problem. The issue was traced to a hidden required element, 'multiselect fake input', that was preventing the form’s submission when not filled out. The team used a dev tool to find this hidden element and tried to unearth how it was causing the issue. An aspect that was brought up was that the button issue began when it was changed from an 'on-click button' to a 'submit button'. The presence of a form in the model was also discussed and it was suspected that the 'multiselect fake input' was related to the multi-select dropdown. Eventually, it was understood that the problem was connected to a hidden object named 'HVAC type', which was failing the requirement check due to its hidden status. Although, a few hidden elements on the page were identified, there was still some uncertainty about whether these were causing trouble sometimes and not other times. The meeting ended with the participants deciding to continue investigating the issue further. Additionally, a new team member named Alex was welcomed to the State Changers. No specific third-party applications were mentioned during this meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 4/28 )

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