Troubleshooting Iframely API Work in WeWeb and Xano for Live HTML Display

In this meeting, the participants mockingly referred to as "State Changers" discussed a technical problem related to the integration of an API called Iframely within a development tool called WeWeb.

The discussion initially centered around the participant named Adam who was struggling to get APIs to work within WeWeb despite having no issues with such integrations on a different platform called Bubble. After understanding Adam's dilemma, the State Changers decided to shift the API call from WeWeb to Xano, a back-end-as-a-service platform. They suggested that Xano should make the call to Iframely and relay the result back to WeWeb. The API call would get the HTML data from Iframely, save it, and then input it into a custom HTML element on WeWeb. They further detailed the process explaining how to create a new endpoint on Xano, add the API endpoint involving a get method and include the API key for Iframely. To secure the API key, they decided not to directly use the URL from Iframely but only the part post the API key. In Xano, an external API request was made to Iframely, HTML response was extracted and saved into a variable and this variable was set as the response from the endpoint. This process involved test runs to ensure correct results were received. The outcome was a successful workflow where the HTML code would be fetched via Xano, used by WeWeb to display HTML blocks which get updated as the variable changes. Throughout the meeting, additional tools like Spotify and other functionalities of Xano and WeWeb were referred to but those didn't play a vital part in the API integration. To summarize, this meeting produced a viable solution for API integration involving Iframely, Xano and WeWeb, making it ideal for developers and individuals interested in these tools and processes.

(Source: Office Hours 8/14/23 )

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