Troubleshooting Image Uploading and API Integration in Bravo Studio and Xano

In this meeting, the State Changers explored the issue of image and video file uploading in Bravo Studio and how it relates to using Xano as the backend. They experimented with image uploading, confronting issues with certain properties like "image" and "lease URL." Among the challenges encountered were handling s3 URLs generated by Bravo and their limited lifespan due to security tokens.

To handle these issues, they decided to use Xano's API to process the s3 URLs from Bravo, downloading the files and creating file resources to be stored and linked in their database. These steps included making an external API request to source the URL, creating the corresponding file resource, and attaching it to the database record. The file was not stored directly on the database, but rather the metadata about the file was kept for reference while the file sat in a separate directory. This solution proposes balance between efficient data handling and security considerations. Finally, they suggested a follow-up meeting to explore how to work with map data points within this system. The discussion is relevant for anyone looking into handling large attachment files with Bravo and Xano, and grappling with similar challenges of managing data between frontend and backend systems.

(Source: Office Hours 9/14 )

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