Troubleshooting Import Statements and CSS for Slide Themes in Web Development

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed issue regarding ‘import statement’ and how they can make it work. The conversation revolved around making changes to the CSS and JavaScript code, specifically relating to understanding where the import statement should be placed. The State Changers suggested placing the import statement before the end of the head tag, as this would load the library before any HTML.

A particular point of contention was a Node.js import statement, specifically its use in the meeting context. It was noted that the meeting was utilizing the CDN approach to get SlideJS to work. The State Changers also touched upon different versions of the SlideJS library, recommending the use of version three because it allows more control over the elements. There was a mention of the latest version, version four, but the State Changers concluded it to be less flexible. The meeting concluded as they discovered the correct files needed to solve the import statement issue and attempted to integrate it into the system for better results. It was agreed that the process would be continued post-meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 10/31 )

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