Troubleshooting Instagram Redirection Issue in the Workflow: Steps and Solutions

In the meeting, the State Changers troubleshoot issues related to making Instagram work through a web app. They identify a problem related to the lack of a 'www' in the redirect URI, where the URL is not displaying correctly due to the browser stripping out the 'www'. The State Changers manage to resolve this by adding the 'www' in the URI within the app's code.

Further, they explore a problem related to the 'OAuth exception' that implies an authorization code has been used more than once. The State Changers speculate that this might be because the API was interacted with twice through the Xano endpoint. They check the request history in Xano and find three closely timed requests, causing further confusion. The State Changers then decide to log back into Instagram, considering turning off specific workflows in the app to prevent premature triggering. However, the realization that the workflows are still active on a published version of the app holds them back. They decide to publish the updated version that includes the tweaked workflows and check its functionality once it’s ready. The software tools mentioned include "Xano", "WeWeb", and "OAuth".

(Source: Office Hours 8/28/2023 )

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