Troubleshooting Integration Issues with Merge and Weweb

During this meeting, the participants discussed issues with the integration between Merge Dev and Weweb. The front-end form was not showing up, and there were problems connecting to HubSpot and Calabrio. They speculated that the issue might be related to Merge Dev's initialization or the connection with Calabrio.

To troubleshoot, they planned to look into Merge Dev's setup and gather more information about the integration. They mentioned that Merge Dev combines multiple SaaS products and simplifies data modeling. They also mentioned the possibility of testing in a Merge Dev sandbox and suggested trying a different approach to isolate the problem. One participant suggested using a magic link to test the connection independently of the integration. The meeting concluded with a plan to share video recordings and links for further examination. They agreed to continue troubleshooting and address the issues.

(Source: Office Hours 4/26 )

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