Troubleshooting Issue with Boolean Value in Xano API and Adalo Front End

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss an issue with updating a boolean value on the front end of their application. They suspect that the front end is not aware of the current value and cannot toggle it back to false. They demonstrate the issue and analyze the request history to understand the problem. They discover that the front end is sending the incorrect value for the favorite field. They make adjustments to the API call and test it again. The issue persists, and they consider using Flutterflow as an alternative solution. They discuss the pros and cons of Flutterflow and decide to explore it further. They also mention the possibility of seeking advice from other State Changers who have experience with Flutterflow. The meeting concludes with the suggestion to watch videos and attend office hours for more guidance on Flutterflow.

(Source: Office Hours 6/12 PM )

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