Troubleshooting iTunes TestFlight and App Deployment Strategies

The meeting involves the State Changers discussing about setting up an app for testing using iTunes TestFlight. The discussion includes understanding the review process for the open beta test and how to set internal and external testers for the application.

The State Changers explained TestFlight is divided into two phases: private testing, which is highly restricted, and more open testing, where devs can distribute a link for testers. The second phase usually requires a review to ensure developers aren't using this system for improper distribution and to prevent harmful applications. They also discussed that publishing to the App Store involves a thorough review, particularly for the first submission. Further, it was shared that transparency in icons is not allowed in iOS (unclear for APK), which could be a point of rejection in the review process. They also discussed the differences between using TestFlight and downloading an APK for testing, and the value of using TestFlight (or Google test channels) for more real-world, end-to-end testing. One attendee was reminded to check their inbox for the TestFlight invite, which would allow them to see their app on their phone and invite others for testing. Throughout this, it was continuously stressed that it's crucial to minimize the app's issues, and to expect the review process to be initially challenging, but more streamlined over time. The meeting will be of interest to developers looking to understand the review and testing process for apps on iTunes or general guidance on setting up and testing their apps.

(Source: State Change Office Hours 4/20 )

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