Troubleshooting JavaScript and HTML Embed Issues in Web Development

The State Changers meeting revolved around troubleshooting some JavaScript code within a web application. The specific problem was related to an expectation of a list of records from a file, but this wasn't being fulfilled due to sequencing issues in the embedded HTML.

The participant initially had an issue with the console log not demonstrating the anticipated output, which subsequently led to understanding more about sequences in JavaScript and how the sequences in the embedded HTML were affecting the outcomes. A critical insight involved understanding that sequential HTML embeds do not sequence the code accordingly, and the necessity to use 'window' calls to ensure sequential running of the functions. The dialogue focused primarily on JavaScript, HTML, and dev tools for troubleshooting the issue. API Request, Webhooks, and NPM package 'Splide' (for slider implementation) were discussed in the context of this problem. While the solution involved mostly modifications to the JavaScript and HTML code, concepts like Async/Await for making JavaScript wait until a promise returns some result were discussed. The use of 'window' to ensure code sequencing proved critical. A secondary issue with improper image URLs due to the inclusion of unnecessary double quotes was also fixed. Later, UI/UX concerns about the webpage's responsiveness were addressed. Interactive troubleshooting helped understanding common issues that can occur in responsive design, and ways to diagnose problems by refreshing the page after resizing to check if the problem lay in responsiveness or in dealing with specific sizes. Despite using languages and tools like JavaScript and HTML, no other mentioned keywords like Xano, WeWeb, FlutterFlow, Zapier, Integromat, Outseta, etc., were covered in this particular meeting. This meeting is beneficial for those learning or working with JavaScript, especially in terms of dealing with sequencing, promises, and async/await. It's also useful for anyone interested in troubleshooting UI/UX issues in responsive design.

(Source: Office Hours 1/19 PM )

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