Troubleshooting JavaScript and HTML Use in WeWeb Application Development

The State Changers held a meeting around JavaScript-focused questions regarding "WeWeb". Key discussion points included how to add event listeners, differentiating between JavaScript and HTML, and understanding the WeWeb environment. They examined how the use of scripts and the ScriptTag in coordination with HTML and JavaScript can control the behavior of a webpage, how WeWeb's custom code works, and respective testing issues. There were also details on how to handle JavaScript interactions with buttons with a special emphasis on 'on-click' events. The State Changers additionally discussed Vue.js technology and how WeWeb uses it under the hood to develop applications. Towards the end, the concept of adding JavaScript triggering events to HTML attributes in WeWeb was explored through a practical example. The transference of JavaScript SDKs into a no-code environment was identified as a notable challenge. Overall, the meeting enabled the participants to gain a deeper understanding of how to work with JavaScript and HTML within the WeWeb environment. Potential users of this summary may include JavaScript and WeWeb enthusiasts as well as individuals interested in frontend web development and no-code environments.

(Source: Deep Dive Javascript For Low Code Part 2 8/18/2023 )

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