Troubleshooting JavaScript and WeWeb Issues in Chart Creation

The meeting between the State Changers was about a technical issue they were experiencing with a function called "Make Chart" in their WeWeb project. The "Make Chart" function was supposed to be defined in a JavaScript file, however, the State Changers realized that it was not being loaded properly. They investigated this issue by inspecting and analyzing the error messages in the console and the script tag for the JavaScript file.

The participants worked on several debugging techniques such as checking if the function is loaded by checking for its autocompletion in the console, alerting when the page loads, and checking if the function exists in the window object. They discovered that their page was not loading the 'AnyChart' nor the 'MakeChart' function they were trying to use. The State Changers concluded that the error was caused because they did not import the 'AnyChart' and 'MakeChart' functions correctly. They then went back to the AnyChart documentation and realized that they forgot to import the 'Mekko' chart part. They then updated their script tag to include the correct imports using the WeWeb converter. Finally, they got the 'MakeChart' function to work and a blank chart appeared on the page which suggested that they had solved their technical issue.

(Source: Office Hours 6/12 PM )

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