Troubleshooting JavaScript and Xano Integration for Enhanced Animation Functionality

This meeting primarily discussed debugging an animation issue in their codebase. The State Changers focused on a piece of code received from Xano, which they believe wasn't appropriately associating workflow with all the elements it created. The team speculated that this issue might be due to insufficient delay time assigned in the code (two seconds), and they considered increasing this delay.

The main content of the code discussed centered around a set timeout function. There were attempts to rearrange the code, reinitializing the animation library in Webflow, and adjust the sequence of operations to call the data (nonprofits) using a request, then invoke the set timeout. This change would cause the program to wait for two seconds before proceeding with the next steps. By the end of the meeting, the State Changers had identified a few potential fixes to try on their code. They discussed testing this new setup, which entails running the request, waiting two seconds, and then performing a set of subsequent actions. This summary suggests that the meeting might help others who are debugging JavaScript or working with animation libraries or Xano services.

(Source: Office Hours 1/5 )

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