Troubleshooting JavaScript Code in Webflow and Debugging URL Parameters

The State Changers had a meeting discussing how to implement certain features using JavaScript. In this meeting, they focused on creating a feature that would display selected art and provide information about their nonprofit. This involves working with URL search parameters and pulling data from a separate segment.

One of the State Changers was struggling with extracting and managing two values from the URL using JavaScript. After analyzing and trying out the code with assistance from another participant, they realized that the problem was a discrepancy between the code crafted on CodePen and the one implemented in Webflow. The meeting took a technical turn as they dived deep into the code implementation, uncovering issues regarding the detection of parameters from the URL and inconsistencies between codes in different platforms. The group also used developer tools to debug JavaScript code. The meeting focused heavily on using JavaScript alongside platforms like Webflow for web development, however, there were no mentions of other keyword technologies like AI21, Vue.js, Bubble, Stripe, Firebase, and others.

(Source: Office Hours 7/11 )

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