Troubleshooting JavaScript Code: Understanding Asynchronous Functions and Error Handling

In this meeting, the participants are discussing a code issue related to navigating to a new page using JavaScript. They identify the error as "failed to fetch" and analyze the code to find the source of the problem. They suggest using an asynchronous function and waiting for the data to be fetched before navigating to the new page. They also discuss better ways to handle errors, such as using console logs instead of alerts.

The participants talk about the importance of sequencing and giving enough time for requests to be processed before moving on. They mention how JavaScript functions are instantaneous but using promises and the await keyword can help in waiting for instructions to be fulfilled before proceeding. Finally, the participants briefly touch on the topic of when to use jQuery versus pure JavaScript, but it is not fully addressed in the meeting. Overall, the meeting discusses debugging and troubleshooting techniques related to navigating to a new page using JavaScript and provides insights into handling errors and sequencing code execution.

(Source: Office Hours 5/29 )

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