Troubleshooting JavaScript Coding Issues for Slide Creation and Integration Into Web Layout

The State Changers meeting involved a detailed explanation of an issue encountered while programming in JavaScript. One of the participants encountered difficulties with a certain script, particularly concerning adding new scripts and populating specific data into objects.

The issues discussed include the challenge of whether to build out all the pages before instantiating different slides, and the problem of getting a blank result when trying to do so. Another problem raised was that the whole script, consisting of about 1500 characters, couldn’t fit into any embed on the page. As a solution, it was suggested to use GitHub link. Dev Tools was used to identify and solve the problem causing the script to appear blank. The team discovered that when the data from GitHub was loaded, it showed up as blank. This raised a discussion about possible solutions, such as moving the code to other platforms like PasteBin, JS Deliver, and CoralCDN. Finally, participants outlined a strategy of transferring working code from Webflow embeds into something that can be imported, and then working on another section, ensuring it works, and adding it into the JavaScript file. The meeting concluded with the team agreeing to explore the suggested solutions.

(Source: Office Hours 2/8 )

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