Troubleshooting JavaScript File Upload to Xano

In the meeting, the State Changer named Wes is having trouble uploading data directly to Xano using JavaScript. Wes has been following a guide from WeWeb but is having difficulty making it work. Wes shares his JavaScript code with the group and they go through it line by line to identify any issues. They realize that the query selector for the upload element is incorrect and make the necessary changes. They also add console.log statements to debug and track the progress of the code. They discover that the code is able to successfully find the file and create form data. They update the code by removing unnecessary return and await statements. The group realizes that the errors they were seeing were unrelated to the actual problem and are likely just instrumentation issues. They test the updated code and confirm that the file is successfully uploaded to Xano. They discuss how to proceed with the workflow and decide to add an additional step to handle the uploaded file and metadata. They determine that Wes will need to provide the relevant data for the next endpoint in the workflow. Overall, this meeting helped Wes identify and resolve his issue with uploading data to Xano using JavaScript.

(Source: Office Hours 8/9 )

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