Troubleshooting JavaScript Issues and Exploring Subdomains versus Subdirectories for Web Development

The State Changers meeting focused on debugging a Javascript issue, discussing potential restructuring of subdomains versus subdirectories, and considering application design for different user bases.

Javascript Issue: One State Changer was facing difficulties getting their data to fill in correctly in their application. The conversation revealed that this was due to mismatches in capitalization and use of underscores in their code, suggesting the importance of consistency in naming conventions and use of snake case. Subdomains vs Subdirectories: The team discussed the complexity related to managing cookies across different subdomains and whether shifting to subdirectories would simplify matters. The change could also potentially reduce cost and facilitate easier maintenance. However, subdomains were initially considered to separate user experiences, as the application varied significantly for consumers, non-profits, and artists. The group decided that experimenting with subdirectories to assess simplicity, effectiveness, and maintenance should dictate the ideal approach. Application Design: The State Changers also examined creating differing navigation and user experiences on separate subdomains. They reviewed a concept gallery for mobile and desktop versions of the application, with the desktop version opting for a more minimalist user experience. Legal and policy content would be available, recognizing this content as necessary but not frequently interacted with by users. Languages/Technologies Mentioned: Javascript.

(Source: Office Hours 9/29 AM )

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