Troubleshooting JavaScript Issues and Optimizing the Xano-Supported Authentication Process

The meeting involved State Changers discussing technical issues around JavaScript usage in their software development project, involving Webflow and Xano. The main problem discussed was a function not behaving correctly after clicking a button—namely, a function which should update a favorite item, returning an auth token and information about the item.

The participants then explored potential reasons for this issue, focusing on the data involved in the function update. One of the identified problems was that the auth token was being placed in the wrong area—it was being put in the post data when it should have been in the header. Thus, they resolved to add it as a header in their JavaScript code while ensuring bearer authorization was also correctly set. However, further examination of their system's network tab revealed that it was not clear if the JavaScript file containing the corrected function was being properly invoked when the button was clicked. They agreed to further investigate this issue, validate if the correct code was being used, examine the click handler for the button, and ensure that the function was being fired properly. The meeting ended with the intention to address another participant's question regarding whether authorization required quotation marks in their code; the answer being that JavaScript does not need quotation marks for keys without special characters, a shortcut that improves readability. The meeting thus offered insights into problem-solving techniques during software development, with emphasis on debugging JavaScript code, working with Xano API, and tracking data flow.

(Source: Office Hours 2/23 )

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