Troubleshooting Javascript Issues in Wiz Webflow Integration

During the meeting, the State Changers successfully troubleshooted an issue with executing multiple tasks at the same time. They uncovered that the tasks of clearing the form input and having the application recognized and execute the request couldn't be done simultaneously. To solve this, they made a JavaScript request to execute both tasks. They then used the document getElementById function to bind the click event to a button (reset button ID) and subsequently triggered an alert.

They cracked on by integrating an "ease pick" date selection functionality into the code to clear dates alongside their reset function. After cross-referencing this with the 'ease pick' documentation, they updated the code to have 'picker.clear()' called when the reset button was clicked, ensuring that this date picker would also be cleared. In the next phase of the meeting, they focused on the execution of an event, in this case, a "wiz" function known as 'wiz.request.execute'. Once all the additions to the code were implemented, the tasks that previously could not run simultaneously were then successful: resetting form inputs (including the date picker) and making a 'wiz' request. In their conclusion, they reaffirmed the power and adaptability of implementing just a bit of code, in this case JavaScript, into their workflow to solve issues and improve their application's functionality. There was no specific mention of keywords like "Xano", "WeWeb", "Zapier", or "Bubble" in the context of the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 6/21 )

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