Troubleshooting JSON Path in API Calls and Data Handling in Xano and Flutterflow

The State Changers' meeting focused on solving issues related to making API calls, utilizing JSON paths, and handling data with FlutterFlow and Xano. A participant encountered a problem with his API call: he expected specific outputs relating to sports teams (the Lakers and GSW), but the result was blank. Another participant suggested handling the data as a repeating group and creating a child element, using the 'for each' operator to expose the child.

A common problem was recognized where users try to directly loop over large datasets resulting in an array of IDs, which is not the desired outcome. Instead, using the 'item' keyword allows the user to target specific instances in the loop, making it easier to work with in FlutterFlow. Later on, it was realized that the participant was using an outdated game date, which could have caused the issue. This realization showcases the importance of checking the history of requests and knowing the inputted data thoroughly. They ended the discussion by acknowledging another participant's issues and noting they would tackle those later. Future attendees searching for insights on JSON path selection, API calls, loop handling, and data troubleshooting with Xano and FlutterFlow might find this meeting particularly useful.

(Source: Office Hours 5/4 )

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