Troubleshooting Logic and Visibility Issues with Webflow and Wiz

The meeting was primarily focused on troubleshooting a problem with an application on a platform called "Wiz". The specific issue involved an element of the application, "message block", not showing as expected. Keywords and technologies mentioned were "Webflow", a platform used to create websites, and "Wiz", assumedly a tool or platform associated with Webflow.

The problem was isolated to the "messages" feature of the application, which was not appearing even when messages were present. Initial troubleshooting included hard coding the visibility of messages to 'true', but this did not rectify the problem. The team then looked into a potential error related to cookies and authentication, but it did not seem directly related. Further examination revealed that the "message block" carried a class "message hidden" and a visibility set by Wiz. An attempt was made towards removing the "message hidden" class but still the problem persisted. Various attributes and settings were checked, and the idea that the action block related to the message visibility was never loading, was proposed. Despite the configurations looking correct at first glance, a suggestion was made that a corruption might be the issue and to try establishing a new action block. The meeting ended without a definitive solution, but with a plan to continue troubleshooting and to share any findings in the forum for further collective assistance.

(Source: Office hours 2/21 )

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