Troubleshooting Login and Cookie Issues in Wiz Interface with Stripe Integration

This meeting focused on a participant, Sullivan, having issues with logging in as a user when in preview mode of an application. He presented an issue about his course page not opening the pop-up for prices, despite being logged in as a user. They found through the 'inspect' function via 'document.cookie' that he wasn't logged in even though he attempted to do so. They thought the problem might be connected to where the authentication data was stored after a login request, but they couldn't find evidence of where the cookie was supposed to be saved.

The participants didn't conclude on a specific solution but proposed two possible next steps. First, Sullivan could try publishing the app since they speculated the issues might be unique to the preview mode. However, this would involve Sullivan paying for a popular web designing tool, Webflow. The other solution suggested was reaching out to WIS support to verify any known complications with their preview mode. The meeting mentioned tools and terms like 'cookie', 'Wiz', 'Webflow', 'JavaScript', 'inspect', and 'log-in user', revolving around web development and debugging.

(Source: Office Hours 4/27 )

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