Troubleshooting Logout Functionality Between Xano and Outseta

This meeting involved the State Changers discussing a particular issue with the logout functionality for Outsetta and Xano integration. The main insights include:

1. The logout functionality is currently controlled through Xano, as Outsetta's access token is stored in Xano. Once the user logs out from Xano, they no longer have access to Outsetta. 2. The State Changers underscored the difference between using Outsetta in a no-code configuration, as typically done by clients running Webflow sites, and controlling Outsetta through JavaScript, as they are currently doing. They pointed out the potential for some discrepancy on how it works because of this distinct configuration. 3. A part of the meeting focused on a loading issue they've been experiencing, which was hypothesized to be a timing issue. Following this, a solution involving the use of try-catch and set time out was discussed. The catch functions as a backup plan, if the initial attempt fails, the program initiates another attempt after a delay. This solution is aimed at dealing with 99% of timing issues. 4. Understandably, as the complexity of solutions increase, so does the potential for errors. Therefore, the State Changers emphasized that a balance needs to be struck between improving user experience and the complexity of the solution. The keywords "Xano", "Outsetta", and "Javascript" were mentioned during the discussion. The meeting should be beneficial for those seeking to resolve similar issues with logout functionality using Outsetta and Xano, or those interested in troubleshooting JavaScript timing issues.

(Source: Office Hours 7/18 )

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