Troubleshooting Matrix Data Flow and Integration in Custom Function Stack for Zillow Account

The State Changers in this meeting focused on troubleshooting a problem with extracting and storing data from various matrices using API endpoints. They discussed the use of "Xano" for data routing and storage. The issue at hand was the unexpected sequence of data when pulled from the matrix, with ID 23 being obtained before ID 1. The State Changers also identified that some input variables (such as 'does' and 'acreage') from the API call were not being properly recorded in the final data store, leading to inaccuracies in output results.

A solution proposed involved iterating over all data, with a choice of collecting all data into an object that contains datasets, or saving all the data to a table. The custom function "get count Zillow new" was discussed extensively. This function was responsible for obtaining counts and adding records in counts, eventually storing that in the account's table. The State Changers also addressed the need for data cleanup and synchronization when transferring data between instances. A handy tip shared was the ability to clear all records and reset the ID in the "counts" table. Ultimately, the aim was to improve data accuracy by ensuring that the right data gets stored in the counts table while running through the matrix as inputs. This process includes hitting the Zillow API, getting count data, and adding it to the table, all done through Xano's function stack. The meeting concluded with an invitation to continue the discussion and troubleshooting in further meetings or forum discussions.

(Source: Office Hours 8/3/2023 )

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