Troubleshooting Network Issues and Updating Record Order in Flutterflow

The State Changers in this meeting addressed a problem regarding the payload format when developing with a tool referred to as "Fireflow", likely related to FlutterFlow, a code-free development tool. The issue lay in unwanted quotation marks causing the payload to not format correctly. Once the quotation marks were removed, the payload was properly formatted, indicating successful JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) detection.

Progressing further, the meeting participants introduced the concept of sending a new image of the list for efficient network operations rather than sending a partial command. They then encountered an ordering issue in their list of records, where they needed to reassign a new order based on the list’s returned state. They decided to apply a numeric sort to the list input, which put the records in correct order for further manipulation. The next discussion was about updating the order field of each record in a database table, which was planned to be carried out by looping through the new list order and accordingly updating the record’s order in the database. A 'for loop' method was introduced to easily access the index of each record. In order to avoid editing a nonexistent record, they planned to get the details of the record before making changes. They eventually decided to edit the records based on the existing IDs within the list items, eliminating extra steps and potential IDOR (Insecure Direct Object Reference) problems. This was an informative meeting providing significant insights into problem-solving methods while working with list manipulation and database update operations in app development environments.

(Source: Office Hours Extra (A) 11/3/2/203 )

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