Troubleshooting Null Errors and Improving Efficiency in FlutterFlow Application Development

The State Changers discussed a recurring issue with FlutterFlow during their meeting. One of the participants, John, explained the problem with 'null' errors being generated in their database; specifically when the 'next step' in a sequence of steps was empty, leading to a red screen error.

John proposed a solution which involved creating a null mitigation custom function. However, his initial attempts of checking if the input equaled null led to difficulties because the function was generating errors instead of returning "false". In an effort to solve this problem, the team undertook a troubleshooting process with different strategies including Dart language checks and codes involving "if" conditions, string checks and empty property checks. Due to the slow development velocity in FlutterFlow, suggestions were made to test the functions externally and also to employ conditional display. However, by the end of the meeting, the issue had not been resolved, and it was agreed to revisit the problem later and share the code in a form for continued work and testing.

(Source: Office Hours 3/22 )

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