Troubleshooting OAuth Implementation and Discussing Pricing Strategies for Custom Work

In this meeting, State Changers discuss the implementation of OAuth, an open standard for access delegation, in one of their projects. The discussion goes into deep technical detail about the logical flow of getting records, where it is found that a 'has record' function is favorable over 'get all records'. Also, there is a dive into assigning booleans to user-based variables, creating auth tokens based on user identification and filling user database records with cryptographically secure passwords.

The topic of testing the functionality of authentication tokens through authenticated endpoints comes in, drawing the rising need for user identification for secure authorization. One important part of the meeting is a detailed explanation on how ‘encryption’ is a crucial element of Xano's platform and OAuth, and works in the back-end process. Another key point is how the generated auth token's user ID, which is included in the user database record, is also hidden within the authentication token. Finally, the meeting wraps with a discussion regarding the pricing strategy for a product considering the amount of technical work and effort put into a project and the fair market price calculations. They suggested using the formula of multiplying the total time spent on a project by the billable rate, a fair method for unique, commissioned work like this.

(Source: Office Hours 2/10 )

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