Troubleshooting OAuth Integration and Cookie Management in Xano and WIZD

The State Changers met to discuss OAuth implementation. They explored the usage of 'Xano' in the setup process, with a particular focus on issues related to token generation and storage. The participants encountered an error in which the value of the user ID was inaccurately hard-coded, producing a redirect issue. They examined the input and output of the server and considered network traffic in relation to errors.

The State Changers also discussed associating a user's email with their user ID, outlining the future steps needed to address this. They also went through the process of adjusting certain parameters, such as changing the shape of their API request output from 'self' to 'token'. By the end of the meeting, they had made significant progress in resolving the aforementioned issues and the successful update of the Wiz bye bye cookie. They discussed the possibility of using this cookie as a bearer for authorization in Xano. Towards the end of the meeting, there was an inference of time constraints but they agreed to continue the discussion and problem-solving in their next meeting. Overall, this meeting could be useful to individuals encountering similar issues, or those seeking to implement OAuth with specific tools like 'Xano'.

(Source: Office Hours 1/27 )

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