Troubleshooting OAuth Verification and Stitch API Integration Process

The meeting held by the State Changers mainly focused on overcoming authentication challenges with Stitch. Stitch is a platform used to move data between different sources in minutes, not weeks. Participants also touched on Zano, a tool with numerous capabilities that streamline app building processes, and OAuth, an open protocol to allow secure API authorization. The tasks involved dealing with codes and API requests for obtaining user tokens and refresh tokens, and dealing with endpoints that were not delivering the URL. The issues encountered were tied to creating random cryptographic codes to get the access token. The problem seemed to be rooted in the configuration as they had refactored multiple settings and even had the URL encoded twice at some point. The meeting ended by discussing their plans of storing the identified code in a database securely and using bearer authentication for requests.

(Source: Office Hours 11/29 )

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