Troubleshooting & Optimizing the Xano Output Process

During the State Changers meeting, the conversation focused on troubleshooting an issue with Xano. The team discussed how to iterate over a placement list and a problem related to object placement. They also dove into how to correctly set an existing variable to avoid Xano misidentifying keyword due to its aggressive parsing. The team successfully tested the solution and confirmed that updating variable value, ensuring it says 'var any' rather than 'text up there', has solved the issue. A handy tip shared during the meeting was to add to end of array under data manipulation for simpler and effective operations. A note of caution from the team was to avoid using the term 'object' as Xano recognizes it as a keyword, which can create confusion. The team resolved the issue by the end of the meeting and provided a model that could be generalized for similar problems in the future.

(Source: Office Hours 2/27 )

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