Troubleshooting Outsetta Login Embed and Profile Embed Issues in WeWeb

The meeting revolved around troubleshooting Outsetta, the profile and login embed issues within an app built on WeWeb. The problem detected was that different things had been attached to headers on various pages inside WeWeb, which was creating compatibility issues. In contrast to Webflow, which Outsetta is designed to work with, WeWeb operates as a single-page application. This means that once JavaScript is loaded, it persists across different pages, which can cause confusion.

To accommodate WeWeb's nature, the proposed solution was to adjust how Outsetta is configured to interact with it. Specifically, the meeting participants described disabling the auto-initialize setup in Outsetta and then using initialize methods to load necessary components as different pages are accessed. This modification was enacted using custom code applied at the top-level of the app, ensuring it is available across all pages. The participants meticulously outlined the changes to the app’s Outsetta configuration, explaining each modification to understand its purpose. They extracted the necessary components from login and profile pages and consolidated those in a single set of options, which was then initialized based on the current page context. These changes intended to make the Outsetta configuration more compatible with the way WeWeb operates. After implementing these modifications, the participants planned to test how the updated app ran to determine if the changes provided the necessary solution. The main technologies discussed in this meeting included Outsetta, WeWeb, Webflow, and JavaScript.

(Source: Office Hours 7/14 )

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