Troubleshooting Pagination and Data Query Issues in Xano API Calls

The State Changers actively discussed a variety of problem-solving techniques involving APIs, data structures, and pagination. The primary focus was on exploring challenges and solutions related to API calls in the Xano system. Specifically, the conversation dealt with handling multiple arrays returned by an API call and the complexities of managing paginated data in the context of retrieving posts from collections.

The meeting highlighted the efficiencies and peculiarities of Xano's data handling, and troubleshooting involved using Zano's custom query feature. The participants discussed the utility and limitations of applying pagination to either collections or posts and the implications of each approach. They concluded with a restructured approach to retrieving posts, bypassing the earlier 'for each' loop in favor of the custom query that collects all IDs into an array, improving pagination of posts. The team also identified a possible bug in Xano related to the lack of additional information in the paginated return despite the expectation of metadata. They agreed to reach out to Zano about this issue. Keywords mentioned in the meeting: Xano, API, pagination, array, custom query, metadata.

(Source: Office Hours 2/2 )

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