Troubleshooting Player Unique ID Error in Code

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed how to troubleshoot an issue with a program involving a background task. The issue being analyzed was an error message stating "unable to locate bar player unique ID". The participants went through the code thoroughly, focusing particularly on function number six which was indicated in the error. They suggested that the problem could be in the query all records on number five or in the for each loop structures. The session involved heavy exploration of the constructs in the code like the player unique ID and add/edit records. It turned out that the problem was literal, not having the correct player.unique ID called from outside. The participants advised systematically checking each instance of where player.unique ID was referenced to resolve the issue. Various keywords and tools such as "Zapier", "Make", were acknowledged during the discussion. The meeting ended with action items for systematic debugging to resolve the issue.

(Source: Office Hours 11/15 )

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