Troubleshooting Pre-Signed URL Issues and Enhancing Configuration with Lambda Functions and Xano

The meeting involved the State Changers focusing on resolving issues with a pre-signed URL. They made use of Xano for data visualization and Lambda for running the code. The problem appeared to stem from the Javascript code, specifically a mistake in the Bucket parameters. With collaborative debugging, they managed to identify that a redundant line of code (line 13) was causing the issue. Later, they also identified that the bucket parameter was being passed twice, which was swiftly corrected by modifying an additional property in the URL. The State Changers used Zapier's concepts as a model for how the inputs are passed to the body from Xano to the Lambda. The meeting was concluded with the advice of resetting the secret on the participant's side for security reasons. Key technologies mentioned in the meeting include Xano, Lambda, and Zapier.

(Source: Office Hours 11/2/2023 )

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