Troubleshooting PubNub Integration and Enhancing Workflow Editor in WeWeb

The State Changers' meeting revolved around a practical coding session discussing PubNub, a Data Stream Network (DSN) and real-time infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). The participants discussed and demonstrated how to effectively use it in a live-coding environment.

Initial discussions centered on the creation of a UI and page triggers. Specifically, there was a focus on publishing messages and sending these to a variable. After some troubleshooting, they clarified that PubNub should refer to window.PubNub. The team then moved to examine syntax errors, especially in line 108. They focused on how to correctly use parenthesis and curly braces to prevent potential issues. There was also a focus on specifying the data type for variables, ensuring that data, like the "message," is defined according to its actual type and structure, rather than being a generic object. As the session moved forward, they worked on improving console logs, making them more informative by adding labels. Console logs, they established, can help track what's happening in the code and are most useful when they are clear and well-structured. However, they agreed that these logs should be removed as soon as they complete their function to avoid unnecessary noise in the code. As a demonstration, they used console logs to track and review the states of publishing and subscribing. They noted that just because a message is reflected back (echoed), it does not necessarily mean it's due to the subscription. It might actually be due to the listener which triggers every time it hears a message. In conclusion, the State Changer meeting was an insightful deep-dive session into understanding how users can leverage PubNub for real-time publishing and subscribing in a low-code environment, especially while addressing syntactic errors, working with console logs, and understanding the behavior of messages. The session also highlighted potential future sessions focusing on additional questions and inquiries.

(Source: Office Hours 10/30/2023 )

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