Troubleshooting React Emails Editing with Zano and Wist Integration Challenges

In this meeting, the State Changer named George is seeking help regarding a tool he's been using to edit React emails. The tool works well, allowing him to produce good output when put into a postmark. He's also working with an HTML editor for Advice Magic, allowing users to edit campaigns.

George's struggle is in loading HTML dynamically as the JavaScript powering the editor seems to load quicker than the HTML that Wist splices in. He hosted the files in Xano and has been following the documentation to drop everything in. His goal is to pull data from Xano and fill it in using Wist, which hasn't been working well. The solution seems to lie in having Wist not directly populate the text area, since it conflicts with RedactorX's functionality. The suggestion is to have Wist give instructions that the app would then execute. The idea is either to set a variable somewhere in Wist and construct the command using it, or to create a listener in JavaScript that waits for Wist to change the variable. Another issue George brought up was the possibility of enhancing the tool with a feature to create paraphrases using AI. Two possibilities exist here: one is building on top of the existing platform with React, and the other is creating custom plugins within the platform. This meeting included discussions about various programming tools and techniques, mainly focusing on Xano, Wist, React, JavaScript and plugin creation. The conversation ended with a decision to try out the new version of the Wist tool and to further explore the feasibility of enhancing the application with an AI paraphrasing feature.

(Source: Office Hours 10/27/2023 )

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