Troubleshooting Regex and Implementing Functional Improvements in Xano

The State Changer's meeting began with a discussion on regex's limitations within Xano and how to troubleshoot its use for cleaning up irregularities in XML data from various sources. It then transitioned into criticism of Xano's Webflow Connect feature, which was deemed as not functioning as intended. An alternative was suggested using the Xano's more efficient core features, particularly improvements to the function stack. The meeting then focused on how to use a 'slugify' function in Xano to replace spaces with dashes, using a simple replace function instead of regex for simplicity and readability.

Discussion then shifted onto how to remove HTML formatting from text using a Lambda function. After several failed attempts using regex sourced from Stack Overflow, a viable solution was found and confirmed to work. A note is made about the limitations of Lambdas, advising only to use them for code up to a dozen lines long. Furthermore, the need to use escape characters for quotation marks within these Lambdas was addressed. Towards the end of the meeting, issues with web page responsive designs were discussed, specifically problems with Webflow's accordion features not resizing correctly upon page-refresh. It was concluded that the error lies with Webflow rather than the designer's side, likely due to how additional code introduced becomes responsible for more aspects of page design, increasing the likelihood of errors. The humorous note was made that such problems did not exist on Bubble. The meeting ended with meeting participants looking forward to resolving these issues better in future sessions.

(Source: Office Hours 12/2 )

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