Troubleshooting Reward Tracker Progress Bar in Flutterflow: Identifying and Solving Null Pointer Exception

This meeting was about debugging code for a reward tracker feature, that was showing an error. The problem was with one function in the code which was causing a null pointer exception in the 'Flutterflow' tool, used for UI development. The State Changers discussed different potential issues, initially focusing on the function itself.

The target function monitored various factors, such as reward thresholds and a user's progress towards these thresholds. Initial strategies involved modifying the function, including changing the type returned from integer to double, and ensuring it returned a zero by default in the absence of data. These changes didn't solve the problem, leading the team to consider the inputs rather than the function itself. Through a process of elimination, problems were found with the inputs to the function. One key input was the 'total containers' - the total number of items a user has returned - and this is sourced from a document. When this document doesn't exist, it seemed that a null pointer exception occurred. The proposed solution was to use a 'conditional visibility' strategy, where a 'skeleton state' is displayed if the document doesn't exist. Once the document does exist, the reward tracking function can run without any null pointer problems. The State Changers agreed that this approach would allow the feature to work correctly when the necessary data was present.

(Source: Office Hours 3/17 )

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