Troubleshooting ScriptTag Issues and Boolean Data Transfer from Webflow to Xano

The State Changers meeting discussed scripting and API usage related tasks within platforms like Xano and Webflow. A participant showcased a challenge where the Boolean status from Webflow’s checkbox was being sent as ‘on’ to Xano instead of true or false. The proposed solution was constructing a jQuery function in the API request that checked if the tick box was checked and marking it as either true or false accordingly. The solution was tested in real time, with iterations on the script code including validating the use of 'prop' and 'attr' to achieve the desired result. The test was moderately successful as it managed to send 'false' from Webflow to Xano. As the meeting was coming to a close, another participant started discussing a problem related to ‘air traffic’ which was likely pertaining to a different topic.

(Source: Office Hours 5/11 )

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